Rag Top

2929-415 „Classic“
The Rag-Top is one of the
most popular workout clothing -
his success story begins in the
bodybuilding scene.

2946-892 „Redondo Beach“
The high-grade „LP LIMITS“
foam print over the whole
shoulder section, brings out
your body-dimensions perfectly

2963-415 „BodyMan“
Today there are Legal Power
Rag-Tops in a wide range of
classic and trendy colors.

2963-892 „BodyMan“
The Legal Power „BodyMan“
Rag-Top out of a smooth and
slightly brushed fabric..

2966-415 „LP LIMITS“
Just right for your demanding
lifestyle, in perfect quality

2988-892 „ Muscle Beach“
The top fast-seller for years
, because of the perfect fit.
For all who`ve „got it“.

2997-892 „CalState“
With the high-grade classical
coat of arms „LP Limits“ foam
print at chest and back, is this
the perfect outfit for a
tough workout.

2998-415 „XXXL“
It is a must for every workout.
Its great design and fit will
provide your well-being.

2998-892 „XXXL“
Legal Power Rag-Tops.
The classic style par exellence.

2999-415 „Let´s GO“
Legendary: Classic Rag-Top
Legal Power of The Legal Power
Men's Cotton Rag-Top is by
far more than a simple Rag-Top.

2989-830 „Classic Seersucker“
15 years ago en vogue,
today a classic.
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