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They are suitable for all sports and training styles, especially for bodybuilding and weight training.


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Neoprene Gewichthebergürtel - Legal PowerGewichthebergürtelGewichthebergürtelNeoprene Gewichthebergürtel - Legal PowerGewichthebergürtelGewichthebergürtel
Neoprene weight lifting belt Offer€5,90 EUR Regular price€24,90 EUR
Save 30%
Ankle Straps - Legal PowerAnkle StrapsAnkle StrapsAnkle Straps - Legal PowerAnkle StrapsAnkle Straps
Ankle Straps Offer€11,90 EUR Regular price€16,90 EUR
Wrist Wraps - Legal PowerWrist WrapsWrist WrapsWrist Wraps - Legal PowerWrist WrapsWrist Wraps
Wrist Wraps Offer€16,90 EUR
Shaker Legal Power - Legal PowerShakerShakerShaker Legal Power - Legal PowerShakerShaker
Shaker Legal Power Offer€8,90 EUR
Kniebandagen - Legal PowerKniebandagenKniebandagenKniebandagen - Legal PowerKniebandagenKniebandagen
Knee Bandages 621-999 Offer€24,90 EUR
Gewichthebergürtel Leder - Legal PowerGewichthebergürtelGewichthebergürtelGewichthebergürtel Leder - Legal PowerGewichthebergürtelGewichthebergürtel
Leather weight lifting belt Offer€39,90 EUR
Save 40%
Booty Bands - Legal PowerBooty BandsBooty BandsBooty Bands - Legal PowerBooty BandsBooty Bands
Booty Bands Offer€11,90 EUR Regular price€19,90 EUR
Arm Blaster Steel Black - Legal PowerArm BlasterArm BlasterArm Blaster Steel Black - Legal PowerArm BlasterArm Blaster
Arm Blaster Steel Black Offer€29,90 EUR
Gewichthebergürtel Krafttraining Rindsleder - Legal PowerGewichthebergürtelGewichthebergürtelGewichthebergürtel Krafttraining Rindsleder - Legal PowerGewichthebergürtelGewichthebergürtel
Gewichthebergürtel Rindsleder - Legal PowerGewichthebergürtelGewichthebergürtelGewichthebergürtel Rindsleder - Legal Power